During a session, we may diffuse essential oils from Young Living to enhance your experience. For example, single oils or blends can facilitate relaxation, stress reduction, or improved concentration.

We also sell Young Living products and can order whatever you need, directly from the source!


Services offered at Thrive

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a gentle, hands-on therapy that works with the body’s own intuitive healing processes to release restrictions and dysfunctional patterns in the body, reducing pain and improving functional mobility. Marin uses the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release, employing gentle pressure and sustained holds to engage and release the fascial system. Check out the Myofascial Release page for more detailed information.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a skilled technique in which small needles are inserted through the skin at precise locations to stimulate the body's own healing responses, including increased blood flow and reduced muscle spasm. Dry needling is an effective technique to assist with neuro-musculoskeletal pain and mobility impairments. Learn more about the Integrative Dry Needling Institute, through which Marin is certified.

Bike Fitting

Custom bike fitting for road and mountain bikes to reduce strain and pain during or after your ride. The repetitive action of pedaling while in the flexed on-bike position can contribute to back and neck pain, and an improperly positioned seat or handlebar can cause undue stress on the body. Marin is certified at the Bronze level through the BikePT organization.

Custom Exercise Programs

We offer tailored rehabilitation that is designed to increase mobility, improve posture, correct dysfunctional movement patterns, and build strength in exactly the way that your body needs. We will create a personalized training program to get you back to your favorite activities and performing better than ever. Marin has worked extensively with mountain bikers, swimmers, yogis, cyclists, runners, and climbers to recover from injury and continue practicing their passions.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that can reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and promote healing. It is based on the ancient concept that Ki (Chi in China and Prana in India) flows through us all. The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words: Rei ("Spiritual Wisdom") and Ki (“Life Energy”). When Ki is low or blocked, it can manifest in disease, pain, and illness. Reiki is a holistic treatment, meaning it addresses the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It promotes relaxation and feelings of peace and well-being, and can also work in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and enhance healing.