What do people in Denver have to say about Thrive?


"I couldn't be more grateful for Marin. She is definitely one of those people who cares deeply about serving others through her passion. This being my first step into exploring how Physical Therapy can heal compared to alternative methods, Marin was knowledgable in answering my (array of) questions and patient in listening to my input. She continues to not leave any stone unturned while discerning the proper technique to solve for the specific pain/problems presented within each session. The willingness on Marin's part to help in these different ways has built such a strong patient/provider relationship. Results have taken time (and commitment on my part to the at-home exercises), as does anything that is not a "quick fix"; however, if you're ready to explore outside of the "quick fix" option or if you have already started doing so and are just looking for an awesome Physical Therapist, I highly recommend Marin."



"I have chronic issues that have introduced me to many different body workers...But Marin is truly special in that she can connect with her clients in a way that also benefits energetically, enhancing the physical benefits. Between the dry needling and MFR she is always able to address my needs at both the precise area of contention and also systemically for specific and longer lasting relief. As a physical therapist myself I appreciate her blend of rationale and intuition, and trust my body to her like no other!"



“Marin is amazing! Part of my training is high intensity strength intervals and I was experiencing back and shoulder pain. After only a session with Marin I felt so much better!”



"After breaking my hip, I was fortunate to be assigned Marin as my PT. She is supportive and motivating while also being realistic; knowing when to tell me to back off a little. She is continually assessing my progress and making adjustments when necessary. She is proficient in needling and myofascial release. She also coordinated my therapy with my strength trainer and massage therapist so she was able to concentrate on alignment and mobility and provided excellent instruction for exercising at home. Marin knew my goals and I was able to keep my fly fishing trip to Hamilton, Montana and could fish without much difficulty. I would recommend Marin to anyone as I have complete confidence in her knowledge and ability!